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``1570``-Petit Gourmet

The „1570“ – Petit Gourmet presents the opportunity for guests to enjoy selections from the Gourmet menu accompanied by wine recommendations made by our Gourmet-Restaurant head Mathis Ahlers, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why “1570”?
1570 is the year that Hilmar von Münchhausen laid the foundation stone for the construction of Schloss Schwöbber, and the historic moat and gardens were created.

Come and experience the fresh, casual and enjoyable atmosphere in the small Gourmet restaurant branch offering Star quality dishes prepared and served by the Gourmet kitchen featuring „Haute cuisine à la française“ with a Mediterranean touch.

Small room, small portions, small prices!

Why not try it out and reserve a table right away? We are looking forward to serving you great food!
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