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For the third time in a row

The best castle hotel in Germany 2021, 2022 and 2023

We are proud to announce that for the third consecutive time in 2023, we have been awarded as the best castle hotel in Germany by CONNOISSEUR CIRCLE, the leading high-quality travel magazine in the German-speaking region. CONNOISSEUR CIRCLE annually recognizes the finest hotels in Germany that offer exceptional service and amenities. This award honors hosts and hotel teams who passionately contribute to unforgettable vacation and experiential moments.

The decision was largely influenced by the satisfaction of our esteemed guests. The rating was determined through both a public voting process and evaluation by a panel of tourism experts. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our guests who voted for us and continue to remain loyal – we take immense pride in this recognition and are thrilled about it!

Best Castle Hotel in Germany

50 Kilometer in 12 hours – „Lebensweg im Namen der Ananas“


Normally, Carina Franke and Lisa Röper welcome guests at the reception of Schlosshotel Münchhausen at Schloss Schwöbber. But what is normal in times of Corona, when we are also still closed? Especially a pity, since our castle celebrates its 450th birthday this year. Among other things, with our charity campaign “LEBENSFLASCHE”, the aluminum drinking bottles for 5 euros for the benefit of the children’s hospices Löwenherz, Bärenherz and Balthasar. However, due to the closure of the hotel, the sale of the LEBENSFLASCHEN at the reception has also come to a standstill. Carina and Lisa turned the project “LEBENSFLASCHE” into their own personal project “LEBENSWEG”. On Saturday, May 9, the two of them set out to walk 50 kilometers around our Munchausen Castle in 12 hours to raise money for the three children’s hospices.
After a fabulous 37.2 km, they were replaced by our Team 2, Maik Winzer and Torben Gebbe, at 8:00 pm after 11 hours of hiking. Our colleagues walked a total of 50.4 km for the children’s hospices and have collected over 2,500 euros in donations so far. A great achievement!
We are very proud of our dear colleagues and say thank you very much to them and all generous donors!

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Articles about the “Verleihung der Goldenen Ananas”, the new winter garden bar”SCHWÖBBAR” , the opening of the “1570 – Petit Gourmet”, the 750th Schlosshotel anniversary or about culinary highlights as well as the introduction of some employees and information around the castle will give you an interesting perspective..

And never forget: there may be the odd tell tale in true Münchhausen spirit …